Star Spangled Burnout

      Election Week: It's always going to be a stress-test for journalists. Although the local coverage of College Station, Texas was relatively easy, thanks largely to working in sync with great reporters and digital team at The Eagle, the entire night was overshadowed by national news. The unthinkable happened, and now the United States is going to led by a man who was hosting a reality television show just six years ago. We were dumbfounded, and the result was what I'll call “The face-palm heard round the world.” In the search for reasoning as the night was panning out, I heard two depressingly succinct and accurate takes. The first was from one of our reporters, who expressed that, if Trump wins, maybe America will be getting the president they deserve. In step with take was a quote I first heard from my editor while talking about Trump's stint in reality television. “We're living in a Kardashian world.” With a solemn toast to our futures, I sipped a glass of scotch and went to bed. I woke up Wednesday morning with what felt like a hangover, most of which I'm not attributing to the scotch.

      The immediate fallout from the election followed. Even here in the deeply red city of College Station, we had a protest. I was on campus at Texas A&M looking for just that and found one student standing alone at Rudder Plaza. Overall, it seemed quiet. Later that night in the office I heard about a protest on the scanner and headed back, only to arrive late to the seemingly short-lived gathering. I was forced to look at coverage from the school's student newspaper. Disheartening, to say the least.

      Preparing for Veterans Day was next up, and I think we were all ready to bury our heads in work and think about anything besides Trump. Luckily, Veterans Day brought with it plenty of photo-worthy events. Symbolic statues, reflective walls, 21 gun salutes and rows of pressed-uniformed vets make for great photos. And finally, to wrap up the longest week of my year, Texas A&M took on and lost a heart-breaker to one of their SEC rivals Ole Miss. It was military appreciation night, of course, so patriotism was in full swing there as well.

      I feel like this week was like playing photojournalist on “easy mode.” Photos were there for the taking, and injecting an image with symbolism is pretty strait forward when your surrounded by flags and people overwhelmed with emotions. My personal challenge for next week: no flag pictures. Let's see how long I stick to that.


And here are a few galleries from the week:

Corp of Cadets wreath-laying ceremony


Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial's Veterans Day Ceremony

Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial's Veterans Day Ceremony