Late Nights Make for Great Memories

Here are a few of my favorites from the week of 11/15/2016 through 11/20/2016. The highlight of this week was an assignment that decimated my already shoddy sleep schedule, but it was worth it. It was a memorial for the Aggie Bonfire that collapsed in 1999, killing 12 students and injuring many others. The story is heart-wrenching in and of itself. The stack of wood collapsed at 2:42 in the morning, and so the annual memorial is held at the same time. being a somber memorial means no flashes. It pushed my cameras to their limit to get photos, so the images are outrageously noisy. I lucked out and ended up observing the ceremony next to a friend and former employee of The Eagle newspaper. She also happened to live in the dorms where three of the students that died in the collapse lived. She invited me to see her and a few friends that worked on that very bonfire, and personally knew the deceased, talk to kids that build the bonfire today. The assignment took me to about five in the morning, and the gallery it spawned wasn't put together until six. Then I had to go home and finish editing a video from the day before. Then I was able to grab a couple hours of sleep before my 11 a.m. assignment. Still, to see those kids pick the brains of some of the students that helped build a legacy, in the somber quiet of the early morning, was completely worth it. I feel blessed to have been a witness to that moment.

That assignment, as well as last week, helped me recoup some much needed creative vigor, and I think it showed in my work. I'm also lucky to be running into and working with great people, and having great photographers around me to learn from. I love seeing the work others are producing, and often wondering how I didn't think of those angles. 

Another week in the books. Now to catch up on some sleep, buy some groceries, do laundry, and generally piece together my life before it goes back into the meat grinder that is a photojournalist's life. It might be a drag if I didn't genuinely love the work so much.


It's been real,