Football, Turkey, Football, Repeat. Nov. 22- Nov. 26.

Another week steeped in football, cute kids, and more Texas A&M traditions. This is a pretty good microcosm of the Aggieland experience. We started by finding some people that stayed from last week's A&M football game, essentially camping out through the week, to be around for the school's Thanksgiving game.

Next was a long drive to Cypress, Texas, to get some photos to run with a story about a local family of kids that were adopted into another family. All together there were seven kids, four of which went to one household, with the others living close by in Houston. It was a feel-good story for Thanksgiving, and although the family saw it as a photo-op, dressed in their best cloths, we made it work by suggesting they just do whatever they would do if I weren't there, just dressed better than normal.

I found myself in their very-little-girl fashioned bedroom as the younger two went nuts, as kids do. It dawned on me that my job can get pretty weird sometimes.


The next day I was off, in anticipation for the longer hours I would be pulling on Thanksgiving. As I milled around my apartment, I realized that we had no assignment to cover the Student Bonfire, put on by Texas A&M students the night before the regular-season finale football game. I wasn't sure why we weren't covering the event, but headed that way because, well, it was bound to make a great photo.

A few people have asked me what I do for fun when I'm not working, and the answer is always the same. Taking photos. I covered the bonfire because it seemed like low-hanging fruit, and maybe a little portfolio-filler. I got a shot and got out of there before being stuck in the muddy parking lot traffic that was bound to follow. I stopped by the office because I prefer editing at my desk, and low and behold, I found out that the newspaper did need photos from the bonfire. It all worked out.

Covering Texas A&M football was a big part of why I displaced myself from my comfortable existent in picturesque Colorado, so I wasn't planning on missing the season finale game against LSU, even if it meant being lonely on a holiday. A great photographer and better friend invited me over for an early dinner that wouldn't interfere with the game coverage, since he was covering it as well. The game was ugly, and my photos weren't great, but that's life as I know it. Being a night game, we didn’t leave the stadium til midnight, uploading a gallery afterward pushed my night well past that. I wasn't crazy about the idea of covering Black Friday the next morning, but that what happened. That assignment went better than expected as the people seemed pretty docile, and with so many potential subjects in a small area, getting people into the frame wasn't an issue. Getting people to give me their name was a little more of a task, though.


From there, I covered a local high school teams try at advancing in the state playoffs. It too was an ugly defeat for the locals. And finally, a trip to Houston to shoot another high school football game at NRG Stadium. It was my first time shooting at NRG. The light was great, the photo room comfortable and the game was exciting. Our local team lost, but at least it was a great game. The game started at 8 p.m., so it was another very late night by the time myself and the reporter got home, but at least Saturday would be easy. Pro tip: if you want your team to lose a football game, send me to cover it.

To bookend the week, I took a long overdue day to archive and clean up my computer. I only had one assignment down for the day and I wasn't itching for another, especially when I started to realize the mountain of archiving I still had to do. I really let that task get away from me and I paid for it. I'll still be paying for that next week, as I only got about half-way through that before having to head to an Aggie basketball game.


Week: done. Slept for about 12 hours on Sunday, and now I'm trying to figure out just what I have to do to stitch up my life for another week.


Until next time.