2016: A Year of Growth

2016 was a year of massive change for me. After graduating in 2013 I was lucky enough to land a job that paid the bills, but did little else for me. I knew I was a photojournalist. It's all I could bear doing. I filled my time outside of work shooting, mostly high school sports with the very occasional freelance assignment, but I knew I was floundering. I was perpetually rusty in my craft, and shooting full time was the only way I saw to chip away at the rust. I also knew that the longer I continued sporadically freelancing, with mixed results, the less chance I would have at landing a full-time gig. I spent the better part of two years in that. So I made the decision to start looking for anybody to give me a shot. My portfolio was serviceable for a recent graduate, but I had very little experience, and after applying to countless jobs across the country, The Eagle took a chance on me. The beginning of 2017 marks one year since they gave me a shot. It marks one year since deciding to have a go at it. It marks one year since living and breathing photojournalism. And it's been the most professionally validating year of my life. 

Here's my favorite work from the last year, broken down into sections to try to make some kind of sense out of it all. 

Spot news:











Looking back at my work from 2016 is a bit painful. I see rookie mistakes and missed opportunities, but as I read through the dates of the photos, I also see tangible progress. With the advantage of hindsight I can see that it took me a few months to get my feet under me, a few months to stop trying to be clever, and then a few months to begin finding my stride. I'm definitely not up to speed yet, but I'm at least not tripping over my own feet, and I'll take that. Here's to you, 2016. Amidst the turmoil, there was something to be had.