2017 Thus Far

      Working into January 2017 has allowed me to notch the one-year mark on my time in central Texas, and as always, it's bringing with it new learning experiences and challenges. Outside of spot news, the daily grind at a newspaper can get cyclical as you move through the seasons. You'll know the weather that might come through, the sports that will be played, and local school's annual events. With the knowledge of what has come before, it's important to not get stuck in the grooves you carved in the past and attempt to see things from a new perspective, maybe even explore places you haven't seen yet. My paper recently had some turnover of key newsroom staff, and while that brings some stress, it also brings in some new blood with fresh eyes to see the local community through. 2017 has been fruitful thus far, and hopefully my luck will continue throughout. The other half of the photo team at The Eagle once told me that it's better to be lucky than good. So now I'm just trying to utilize my experience to put myself in the position to have a little luck find me.

     So here are snapshots from things that I saw and places I've been since the beginning of 2017. Enjoy, please, and thank you.